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You will use teamwork to solve the challenges; working together and communicating to ensure your success. The elaborately detailed themed rooms and intricate storylines create an incredible, interactive adventure. With venues worldwide, prepare yourself for an intense hour of intrigue and investigation at Escape Hunt, one of the best escape rooms in Melbourne. Choose from Law and Disorder, Odditorium,Machinarium or Zodiac Heist escape hunts for 4-5 people. So get your thinking caps on, get ready to think on your feet and immerse yourself in a whole other world of family fun at one of these top escape rooms in Melbourne. Give us a call any time 24 hours before your reservation, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Listen to the Game Master - they may send you some hints/clues when you need them. Our rooms are equipped with unique storylines, creatively designed sets, sound effects and mind challenging puzzles that will make it a truly memorable experience for all visitors. Just read our reviews and check out our wall of happy customers in our Lounge Area. In terms of what you can play IRL, the Ex Libris room merges real life with fiction via a whole bunch of literary-based puzzles…so who’s the Hermione Granger in your group? For a more intense escape mission, try to solve the Artefact—a mission centred around an alien artefact no less.

Each escape room can accommodate a group of between 2-8, but designed they’re for 4-6 players for the best experience. We did undetected with 5 people and had an absolute blast! Love the pop culture references and the technology involved! The staff are awesome and Shelly made the night great fun for us too! Very well planned and ran smoothly once we got our brains switched on. This premium service allows our game masters to give tailored clues specific to your team to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable game.

We are so confident that you will enjoy our Escape Rooms that we offer a 100% Fun Guarantee. The best type of Escape Room Parramatta Room is one in which you feel totally immersed in the physical surroundings as though you have walked onto a movie set. All objects should blend in with the theme so that you believe that everything could be a potential clue. You should be able to sense the atmosphere and feel a genuine desire to unravel the mystery as a matter of urgency. If you need assistance then our dedicated GamesMasters will provide helpful hints to keep you moving through the game. We want you to enjoy the experience and complete as much of the game as possible before the countdown timer ends.

This can help prep players with the proper mindset when entering our rooms. Mystic Clue is the first real-version escape room game in Perth. As pioneers in this new world, we have mastered the art of story-telling that will immerse players in a highly engaging and interactive way. At Labyrinth Escape Rooms, there are five dark rooms to test yourself in and be warned—you'll need every ounce of logical-thinking and skill-based talent you can muster. All challenges have a strong plot, which makes trying to escape these rooms even more fun.